Real World Experience/Community Connections

A vital aspect of education is understanding how knowledge and skills translate from the classroom to the adult world.  One day each week, students will spend time exploring and learning outside the traditional classroom environment through field trips, community service, missions, or shadowing experts in different fields of study.  The goal is to expose students to community needs and career choices as well as connect them to possible mentors and apprenticeships while preparing for a future that is led by their God-given interests and passions.


Hybrid student body

Our high school program provides opportunities for full-time 9-12 grade students to earn at least 7 high school credits per school year as they prepare for college or the workforce.  We also offer opportunities for upper class men to earn dual credit courses through local colleges and universities. Finally, we partner with parents of home educated students to attend on a part-time basis and earn credits needed for high school graduation.

Our middle school program offers classes for full time 5th-8th grade students or home educated students who would like to participate on a part-time basis.  8th graders who are prepared may earn high school credit in core subjects.

Project based learning

Education provides foundational knowledge, analytical skills, and soft skills to create solutions that meet needs in real world relationships, communities, and workplaces.  PBL requires students to collaborate with adults and fellow students to arrive at a solution for a problem with which they are presented. Together, students will use and gain cross-curricular knowledge and skills to observe, evaluate, brainstorm, research, and develop possible solutions.  Through collaboration, students will present their newly acquired knowledge and newly created solutions in a final project through written and oral expression with technology and creativity.

Worship Arts

God created people with the desire to worship and gave each of us abilities and creativity to use our gifts to glorify and honor Him.  With His Word as the foundation, students will be exposed to many areas of creative expression that can be used to glorify God and reach out to the people around them with His truth.  Students will be encouraged to develop a personal worship time between themselves and the Lord, to participate in community worship events, and to consider local and foreign missions opportunities.  We would like to partner with local churches and other Christian organizations to impact our communities with the love and life of Jesus.


Elementary School- K5-4th Grade

Our elementary program will be designed to reflect our values and strategies at the appropriate level of development for younger children.  In spiritual, academic, and social development, the goals in our elementary classrooms are

- to lay a solid foundation of faith, knowledge, authenticity, and skills

- to meet the innate desire of children to discover all they can about God and His creation

- to challenge and stretch the students' level of comprehension as they pursue new information

- to teach, practice, and encourage authentic, clear, effective written, oral,  and non-verbal expression of their own faith, knowledge, understanding, and skills

K5-4th grade are also open to part-time homeschooled students.

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