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1. My child struggles maintaining focus and sitting still, can he function in this environment?

Definitely!  This can be a huge concern to many parents and students, we understand!  Project Based Learning can help a TON with this.  With classrooms being set up in a Flexible way, we cater towards the student who struggles to sit in a desk all day.

project based learning is intended to keep students moving throughout the day as they learn and work.  

My high school student is not sure about college.  do you have other options for her?

Yes, we do!  we believe each person is created with unique interests and abilities, and we want students to know their value in whatever path they choose.

We help students who want to pursue careers, families, trades, or college when they finish high school.  Our desire is to help students grow in loving, worshiping, and living well.

3. My child isn't doing well in traditional classrooms, can you help at all?

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, our classrooms are made to be comfortable and flexible, so students can choose how to work.  

Students learn through projects and hands on activities with expectations adjusted to their needs.  They also learn independence early on.  

very few grades come from traditional tests.  Most grades are incremental steps towards the final project grade, and knowledge and skills are demonstrated throughout the project process.

4. Will I ever see any of these projects?

Yes!  At the end of each quarter or semester, there will be a designated evening, "presentation nights," for all parents to come and see what their child has been working on/learning trhough the project.

If you have any other questions please inquire below.

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