1. My child struggles maintaining focus and sitting still, can they function in this environment?

Definitely!  This can be a huge concern to many parents and students, we understand!  Project Based Learning can help a TON with this.  With classrooms being set up in a totally different way from every other classroom we cater towards the student who can not concentrate sitting on a hard chair all day.  

A large portion of the day is set apart for the purpose of moving around and working on quarter-long projects.  

2. Are you accredited?


3. My child isn't doing well in traditional classrooms, can you help at all?

From kindergarten to twelve grade our classrooms are different in a lot of ways so there is a lot of room for growth.  

Students learn from projects and hands on activities.  They learn independence early on.  

Not all of the grades come from traditional tests.

4. Will I ever see any of these projects?

Yes!  At the end of each quarter there will be a designated day/night which we call "presentation nights" for all parents to come and see what their child has been working on/learning for the entire quarter.

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