Tuition and Fees

                                                Materials Fee                              Tuition                                 Monthly Payments

K3 - K4                                          $250                                  $2600                                       $260


Part-Time (K5-4th)                        $250*                                $2600 (2 classes)                   $260 (11 months) 

Full-Time                                       $250*                                 $5200                                    $520 (11 monthly payments)

Payments paid on a semi-annual basis will be due on Aug. 1 and Dec.1. and will be charged an additional 5% for a total of $5460.  

Payments paid on a monthly basis  are due on the 5th of each month beginning August 5th and will be charged an additional 10% for a total of $5720. Accounts will be charged a 10% fee for late payments.

K3 - K4 is a 1/2 day preschool program. 


Full-Time students are K5-12th grade students who are enrolled in Living Oaks Academy only.

Part-Time students are registered as home school students in the state of SC and choose to take some of their course work through Living Oaks Academy.

Non-Refundable materials fee to be paid for each student at acceptance (can make a flexible plan for larger families)

There will also be fees for field trips throughout the academic year.

Payment may be made by credit card. Additional 3.5% fee added to all credit card payments. 

Lunch: Students should bring a lunch. Microwaves and a fridge are available. Juniors and seniors may leave for lunch with written parent permission.