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Tuition and Fees

                                                Materials Fee                              Tuition                                 Monthly Payments

K1-K4, 8;00-11:30                       $300                                       $4000                                       $400



K5-12th grade

Full-Time                                       $300*                                         $5800                                    $580 (11 monthly payments)

Payments paid on a semi-annual basis will be due on Aug. 1 and Dec.1. and will be charged an additional 5% for a total of $6090.  

Payments paid on a monthly basis are due by the 5th of each month beginning August 5th and will be charged an additional 10% administrative fee for a total of $6380 divided over 11 months.

K1 - K4 is a 1/2 day preschool program, 8:00-12:00


Full-Time students are K5-12th grade students who are enrolled in Living Oaks Academy only.

Non-Refundable materials fee to be paid for each student at acceptance (can make a flexible plan for larger families)

There will also be fees for field trips throughout the academic year.

Invoices are sent according to the payment plan you choose.  Payment is preferred through our Brightwheel app.

Lunch: Students should bring a lunch. Microwaves and a fridge are available. Juniors and seniors may leave for lunch with written parent permission. 

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